The joy of being a grandparent – my biggest fans!

Grandkids and my guitarOur relationship began on the day she was born and we received the call that she had made her presence! The day we went to see her for the first time just cemented the bond that had ignited and began to grow. Before her first birthday, grandpa brought her and sat in the front row directly across from grandma for a performance. Little one got the audience clapping as she clapped her heart out with each and every song that grandma played and the biggest smile that she could muster! She just warmed my heart and she had the attention of the audience as she sat there enthralled with the music for the whole performance.

about4She continued to attend many of grandma’s public performances with grandpa and sit happily on his lap during each and every performance! As she got older and could dance, she would sometimes get down and dance to the music again to the delight of the audience!

Time went on and her baby sister joined her with grandpa at grandma’s public performances. Then the fun doubled for everyone! Two little singers, dancers and often times they both led the audience in applause for their grandma’s performance!

The joy of being a grandparent! Nothing warms my heart more than these two little girls!

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