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Fantastic, Jeanne! Your musicianship is excellent!

Terry Hill

Surrey, BC

Jeanne Fizell, 96Strings is referred to as a “virtuosic instrumentalist!” Lots of beautiful music from a talented musician!

Candy Paula

Torrence, CA

I really liked The Harpers Blessing. Your performance was, well, perfect. I really enjoy that track. The fact that Cathy (Britell) wrote it makes it even all the more enjoyable.

Harvey Wagner


Thanks again for your lovely music for our holiday party! Hope you guys got something to eat before you left ❤️ Really enjoyed it…thank you so much again! You guys were wonderful!

Julie Campbell

I just checked out your SoundCloud file. WOW! You sound great and you have a nice audio profile as well. You are clearly very good at what you do.

Kory Trebbin

Kory Trebbin

Audio Recording Restoration

Your music….it’s SO beautiful and peaceful. I can’t believe I haven’t heard your music before now. Thanks so much I will be an adoring follower! ❤

Shannon Hawkey

Shannon Hawkey

This is very peaceful music… it’s really mellow yet motivational and inspiring… keep up the good work!

Chris Longoria

Chris Longoria

Music Producer - ChrisJL Beats

I have Jeanne’s albums and as a musician myself, I have to say that I enjoy listening to her 96 Strings music so much–she is a very talented musician and her music is very pleasing to your heart and soul. A very special performer.

Dave Leichner

Jeanne’s music is wonderful, perfect to make your occasion special. Her versatility playing, hammered dulcimer, autoharp and guitar makes for a calming atmosphere for any gathering. Or any of those instruments with flute, violin or ensemble can really create a special event.

Becky Chaffee

Sounds good.

Mike Burke

Mike Burke

CBD American Shaman

Absolutely love her music. She has provided music for our events.

Laura Burch

Bonner Springs Arts Alliance

Jeanne is the most gifted strings performer I know. I have heard her perform in several venues and those attending were in awe of her varied and unique talents.

Keith E. Johnson

Keith E. Johnson

hey – you guys sounded good today at Porchfest- different and very cool.

Shay Ryburn

Shay Ryburn

WOW. You are truly blessed with extraordinary talent. I have no musical ability so I am awed by those who do.

David Losey

Jeanne is a professional musician that has enriched our dinners with her beautiful musical talents for several years. Highly recommend her!

Linda Lane

Jeanne has complete control of her instruments. She speaks through her music as if she’s having a conversation with you.

Matthew Gratton

Thank you again for entertaining us yesterday evening. I’ve heard from several members today who said they really enjoyed the sing-along!

Brad Moore

President - O.P. Historical Society

Just wanted to let you know that the Overland Park Historical Society appreciates your thoughtfulness and fine musical skills. It was fun to hear all the period music, and the stories behind the songs. Thanks for entertaining us!

Janet Noonen

Overland Park, KS

You play beautiful and I love your music. I find it soothing and relaxing.

Susan Davis

I’m glad I came to hear you play. Your music was beautiful, just beautiful!

Sharon K Weaver

Jeanne, You play with great virtuosity and are a delight to watch every time you perform!

Al Worm

I am so envious of your talent!

Pam K. Haskell


Your music is exquisite and professional!

LaVonne (LPT Music)

Mission, KS

I was very impressed with your music…I thought it was very soothing music!

Bob Bertagnole

Bob Bertagnole

Olathe, KS

My wife and I really enjoy your music!

Jorge Tapia

Olathe, KS

Jeanne, I enjoyed your beautiful music at the Olathe Public Library NovelTea’s,  You have quite a talent and thanks for sharing it!

Robin O’Dell Sundahl

Robin O’Dell Sundahl

Olathe, KS

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