…had fun at PorchFest again this year!

Grandkids at PorchfestThe event was PorchFest 2015 at West Plaza neighborhood. It all began with PorchFest 2014 and a very talented gal, Kathryn Golden whom I have come to know and respect! She decided to organize a music festival. She states that she had been to a PorchFest in Napa, California (where she lived before moving back to Kansas City) and thought it was “really cool!”

When I performed at the inaugral event at PorchFest2014, homeowners turned their porches over to bands and performers and attendees to roam from one house to the next or bring lawn chairs or blankets and sit and listen to music. On her first attempt at the feat, within 6 months of conceiving the idea, she scheduled 70 bands to perform on 34 porches. It is reported that crowd estimates exceeded 3,500 friendly folks.

When she again planned PorchFest 2015 attendance swelled to about 5,000 happy folks. Kansas City’s West Plaza neighborhood came alive with music, despite the early afternoon rain! The 2nd annual PorchFest KC community music event went on through the rain, then the sunshine, as over 100 bands performed before crowds from 40 porches throughout this historic community. What a wonderful neighborhood!

The best part of the day was when my two granddaughters showed up early before my performance with mama and daddy to join grandpa and cheer grandma on–the saddest part was when they had to leave early before the performance ended because they were soaking wet from the rain and one fell down in the mud that was created. They peeked out from under an umbrella and enjoyed the show. My two favorite folks in the crowd would be those granddaughters!

Girls at Porchfest 2015My covered porch protected me and my instruments from the rain and I appreciated those fans who
stuck it out through the rain! A big thanks also to the host family who shared their porch–they too were awesome!
Now we wait for PorchFest 2016 and Kathryn Golden to work her magic and materialize her PorchFest once again! She thought of everything and did a bang-up job! Thank you Kathryn for all of your hard work and dedication and to the very hard working volunteers that assist you! You are one remarkable lady and Kansas appreciates you!

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