The inspiration behind 96 Strings

96 Strings is the brainchild of creative musician, Jeanne Fizell

Jeanne has been dubbed a virtuosic instrumentalist with classical roots. She plays her autoharp with a style all her own, and enjoys entertaining on her hammered dulcimer to the delight of the audience. She enjoys creating melodies on her guitar and is well versed in classical/fingerstyle guitar, which is a fascinating style.

So how does the name 96 strings fit into all of this? Well, even though Jeanne is well versed in many musical instruments, she has distinguished her career with three primary instruments. The three instruments are the guitar, autoharp and hammered dulcimer. And if you haven't guessed by now, they have a total of 96 strings! Now you know... 96 strings is the total of all the strings combined from her three primary instruments.

Jeanne is seeped in folk and American old-time music and is a passionate musician who weaves melodies together with songs gleaned from the old folk tunes. She enjoys many genres of music including children’s music, along with Gospel, Celtic, Pop, Classical, Country, Americana, Traditional, and Patriotic.

She has performed in well known venues. She began her music journey with the Kansas City Guitar Society Guitar Orchestra and MandoFest Guitar/Mandolin Orchestra and was soon invited to perform with Acoustic Five, The Prairie Dulcimer club, the KS-MO Autoharp club and others where she has also performed on ukulele.

Jeanne has released 2 albums along with String Theory, a popular group that she performed with for several years.  Additionally, she has performed with Shady Grove String Band for more than 20 years.

Overall, Jeanne has a love of music that defines her and that is truly a part of her heart. And most of all, Jeanne enjoys sharing her music with others, so be sure to download her music, or better yet contact her to perform for your next event!

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